Dropshipping With No Money

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Today I’m going to show you how you can dropship with no money.

The fact is that it is possible to drop ship without money. One of the ways is to give out products to influencers in exchange for a free shout out on social media. Or asking people to review your store in exchange for a 10-20% discount code.

There are multiple ways to make money without investment here and if you read the whole article I will give you more tips on how to dropship with no money.

Let’s dive right in!

Share your profit with others.

First, we will go over how to do the marketing and then I will show you how to select hot selling items.

So sharing your profit with other people is a very powerful way to promote products with no money. You are going to let big pages on social media to be an affiliate for you.

I recommend looking for pages on Instagram/Facebook or other social media that have a following of 50-300K and they can then earn 10-20% per sale.

If you are using Shopify you can track and accept affiliates with Refersion App.

How I make money with the Refersion App:

  1. Download the app “Refersion” from Shopify.
  2. Go through the setup process for the app.
  3. Contact pages on Instagram/Facebook and tell them to sign up as an affiliate
    to your store so for every sale they make, they receive 25% commission per sale.
  4. This will generate a number of sales so you have some marketing money.
  5. Use this money to launch a campaign on your platform (Instagram influencers, Facebook ads, etc)
  6. In the campaign, tell the audience that they can become a part of your store by signing up as an ambassador (affiliate)
  7. Accept all affiliates.
  8. These affiliates will work for you and generate sales like clockwork.
  9. Send emails to these affiliates offering special bonuses such as 60% off discount code for them so that they are comfortable with the brand.
  10. Let this sizzle away and watch the sales roll in. This could be an instant result, be patient, and work hard to improve and provide other benefits to your affiliates in order to improve their work rate.

Attracting More Affiliates.

Now instead of going and searching for people that are willing to promote your products. How about they ask you?

You can publish your site on E-commerceaffiliates and attract affiliates. But be generous to them. Offer them a 20-60% commission per sale.

You can create a contest and do a giveaway.

Giveaway Example:

  • Sell 10 products and win $100
  • Sell 50 products and win $500
  • sell 100 products and win $1.000

After all. The goal here is not to make a profit. The goal is to collect as many emails as possible so you can re-market over and over again.

Giving Is Key

I know. This article is about learning drop shipping with no money. But I just had to share this with you. Because giving out free products in exchange for a free shoutout to your store on Instagram is an effective way to build leads or followers to your Instagram page. 

Big companies are using this method. They give out free products to micro-influencers in exchange for a shoutout. You should do this with influencers who have 30K – 100K followers.

Building Relationships

Before we dive into this, I want to show you how I picked a hot selling product. Because if you don’t sell hot or unique products then chances are you are not going to make a profit.

I usually use Facebook to search for hot items.

Go on Facebook and in the search bar type in keywords like ‘50% off’ or ‘Free shipping’ and look for posts with high engagement.

Here is a product that I found on Facebook with high engagement.

As you can see this video has 72K likes, 71K comments, 23K shares, and 17M views! It must be a winning product.

Building Relationships – Free Marketing.

I went on Facebook and searched for beauty pages (because this product is related to beauty, fashion, makeup) I came across a FB page with millions of followers and messaged about 50 people who were commenting, liking and engaging on the posts. This is how I approached them.

After messaging about 50 people I got only 10 replies. And this lady replied back to me with this!

And shockingly the day after I had one sale with the 20% discount code that I sent to the lady!

This is so smooth and simple! Didn’t pay a penny on ads, all it coast me was my time.

Thank you for reading the whole article and I wish you luck on your dropshipping store. I would just ask you one thing in return. That you please share this article!

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