How To Get Followers On Tiktok (12 Ways)

Use these 12 steps to get followers and grow on Tiktok. The new social media so powerful and fun to use. A lot of people have gained fame from this app. Tiktok is perfect for those who are into e-commerce/dropshipping. I recommend that you order the product from your supplier and make videos with it, and post it on Tiktok.

1. Be Different

It is so easy to be different on Tiktok and stand out from the crowd. Because everyone on this app is following and copying each other’s content/music/style and dance moves. If you are going to make a trendy Tiktok video, then try to make it differently.

It won’t hurt to look attractive. And by that, I mean wearing nice clothes. Fix your hair. Makeup. Nice accessories. If you don’t like to spend money on clothes (like me) then I would highly recommend the clothing brands, Zara and H&M. They sell really beautiful and affordable clothes.

2. Follow Trends

Following trends are great. But do it differently. There may be a trending dance move on Tiktok right now. And if I do the dance move by wearing something funny, I’m going to stand out from a lot of people. Being just a little bit different can make you stand out.

Also in your video, make sure you are using music that is trending. If you are scrolling through Tiktok videos on the “for you” page, and you notice that some people are using the same song on their videos, then it’s a good sign that the song is trending.

3. Use Good Lightning On Your Videos

This is very important. Using good lighting on your videos is what makes people keep watching and rewatching. Now you may not feel like buying giant studio lamps. That’s just going to take a lot of places in your room and be expensive. But I have a solution for you.

Use the Phone Lamp Ring. And it’s only $7.95 on Amazon.

This is the perfect tool to create videos in dark places. You should also change the environment, don’t record Tiktok videos at the same place. Go outside especially if its a sunny day. If you live close to popular or famous places like The Eiffel Tower or The Statue of Liberty, then have that in the background of your Tiktok videos! This is a goldmine because people are going to comment on those places!

4. Ask Questions On Your Tiktok Videos

Why ask questions? Because people are more likely to respond to questions. You want people to comment on your video. The reason is that if your videos get a lot of likes and comments then the chance is that it’s going to be seen on the “for you” page. See the examples below.

You should add a ‘call to action’ on your videos as well. See the examples below.

Make sure to reply to every comment you get to keep the engagement going.

5. Use Trending Hashtags

These are the most trending hashtags on Tiktok:

#Tiktok #Foryou #Love #4u #Follow #foryoupage

Make sure to use them so your videos can be seen. If you are going to use different hashtags then make sure it’s relevant to your video.

Be also open to new hashtags that people don’t use a lot. This will be easier to find your videos. You can mix things up. Add trending and new hashtags at the same time.

6. Put Texts On Your Videos

See examples below:

It will make your videos more enjoyable to watch. Adding texts is going to make your videos spread as well, which is going to make it easier for you to hit the “for you” page. Whenever I use text on my videos, I get more traffic/likes and comments.

7. Record videos directly from the Tiktok app

If you want your videos to rank better, then record them directly from the Tiktok app. If you do this, your videos have a better chance at ranking. Don’t make the mistake of recording the video on your phone, and saving it, and then uploading it on Tiktok.

8. Post Daily

Many people say that you should post at least two videos every day on Tiktok. But I’ve found that one post a day is enough.

Also what time should you post? Well, you’ll have to test. For me, lunchtime is the best time to post my videos. But it may be different from you. Here is a suggestion. Do two different test posts. One at lunchtime. And once in the evening. Keep doing this until you find what time of the day gives you the best engagement on your videos.

9. Duet Others

There are people on Tiktok that have to build their accounts doing only duets. This shows that duets on Tiktok works and helps one to gain more followers. Make a duet with someone regularly. Once a week (or more if you want to) is good enough to make your account visible.

10. Following Challenges

Participate in challenges is as important as following trends. As the following trends, you have to be different and do the challenges differently. I highly recommend doing these challenges with a friend. And also use trending hashtags on your videos so you can reach millions of people.

11. Post your videos on other social media

Post your Tiktok videos on other social media your friends and family can see. People will see your name and go follow you on Tiktok. This is a great way to build your reputation online.

12. Go live

You need 1.000 followers to go live on Tiktok. You should go live now and then. Speaking to your followers is a great way to build a connection. Your followers will feel like they know you. When you’ve reached a huge following, do some giveaways. Or create a trend/challenge. For example, I would say “Whoever can mimic/dance to this song the best wins a price” this is a powerful way to create a trend or a challenge.

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